SOFTBANK 35H00113 03M Compatible Replacement Battery

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The modern electronic device can be power-hungry and may lose its charge over time. Have you ever been without power when you need it the most? Is your SOFTBANK 35H00113 03M constantly attached to the charging cable? Set it free with a new battery Our replacement batteries suitable for the SOFTBANK 35H00113 03M are great value and backed by a 1 years manufactures warranty. Our NON-OEM batteries designed for the SOFTBANK 35H00113 03M are manufactured to the highest standards using premium materials.

Our battery replacement for SOFTBANK 35H00113 03M has a 3.7 volts rating with a storage capacity of 900 mAh / 3.3 wh watt-hours, the battery uses Lithium-ion technology and measures 42.38 x 40.17 x 5.31mm.

Technical Data

Voltage : 3.7 volts
Capacity : 900 mAh milliamp hour
Type : Lithium-ion
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