AMAZON B003B0A294563B74 Compatible Replacement Battery

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Don't get stuck with a dead device again. We can supply a simple solution for all your power needs at an unbeatable price. If your AMAZON B003B0A294563B74 is no longer holding charge or even worse it won't turn on at all, it may be time to change your battery. Our NON-OEM batteries suitable for the AMAZON B003B0A294563B74 are great value and backed by a 1 years manufactures warranty. The replacement batteries suitable for the AMAZON B003B0A294563B74 have CE markings that comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Our battery replacement for AMAZON B003B0A294563B74 has a 3.7 volts rating with a storage capacity of 1530 mAh / 5.66 wh watt-hours, the battery uses Lithium-ion technology and measures 65.54 x 53.20 x 4.96mm.

Technical Data

Voltage : 3.7 volts
Capacity : 1530 mAh milliamp hour
Type : Lithium-ion
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