PSC 95ACC1302 Compatible Replacement Battery

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Are you are able to get the most out of your device? Replacing the cell will enable you to work longer between charges. If you need a new battery for your PSC 95ACC1302 you have come to the right place. The replacement batteries designed for the PSC 95ACC1302 are 100% fully compatible with the original (OEM) product and have been tested extensively. The replacement batteries made for the PSC 95ACC1302 have CE markings that comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Our battery replacement for PSC 95ACC1302 has a 3.7 volts rating with a storage capacity of 2400 mAh / 8.88 wh watt-hours, the battery uses Lithium-ion technology and measures 54.00 x 44.20 x 15.70mm.

Technical Data

Voltage : 3.7 volts
Capacity : 2400 mAh milliamp hour
Type : Lithium-ion
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