PHAROS GPS Phone600E Compatible Replacement Battery

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Does your device let you down regularly? Supercharge it with a new rechargeable cell. After charging, is your PHAROS GPS Phone600E does your battery no longer holds its charge? If you are looking for compatible batteries suitable for the PHAROS GPS Phone600E, We can offer a quality product at a fraction of the price of the original. The replacement batteries suitable for the PHAROS GPS Phone600E have CE markings that comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Our battery replacement for PHAROS GPS Phone600E has a 3.7 volts rating with a storage capacity of 1530 mAh / 5.66 wh watt-hours, the battery uses Li-Polymer technology and measures 65.58 x 45.54 x 5.32mm.

Technical Data

Voltage : 3.7 volts
Capacity : 1530 mAh milliamp hour
Type : Li-Polymer
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