MAKITA 192271 4 Compatible Replacement Battery

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When pressing the power harder just doesn't work. Stop pressing that button, it might be a simple fix to get your device working again. Is your MAKITA 192271 4 battery no longer holding a charge? Does your device run out of juice suddenly? If you are looking for replacement batteries suitable for the MAKITA 192271 4, We can offer a quality product at a fraction of the price of the original. The compatible batteries made for the MAKITA 192271 4 have been rigorously tested to ensure safety.

Our battery replacement for MAKITA 192271 4 has a 12 volts rating with a storage capacity of 3000 mAh / , the battery uses Ni-MH technology and measures 86.12 x 79.16 x 96.76mm.

Technical Data

Voltage : 12 volts
Capacity : 3000 mAh milliamp hour
Type : Ni-MH
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